Im the queen in this life spoilers

Im the queen in this life spoilers

“Sister, I am the queen of this life” is a romance-based manhwa with an amazing story. Im the queen in this life spoilers.

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Summary of Sister, I’m the Queen of This Life
Sister, I am the queen of these life spoilers
Sister, in this life I will be the queen

Her fiance, her sister, and her parents. Ariadne returns to 14 years ago, the day she was rejected by everyone.

“Shit! I’m trying to woo you now!” From her fiancé, who behaved quite differently than before: “Don’t cry, Ariadne.”

Don’t you know how beautiful you are to me? To the kind prince who fell in love with her at first sight. This time she will take revenge on everyone and become queen.

Sister, I am the queen of these life spoilers
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Sister, I am the queen of these life spoilers.

Im the queen in this life spoilers,

Ari and Alfonso’s first night

Alfonso’s white horse ran quickly and entered the Palazzo Delice. It was an ambitious evening and all the knights were scattered. All was quiet except for the sound of the grasshoppers.

He jumped off his horse and hugged Ariadne without saying a word.


She closed her eyes tightly. He lunged at her with great force.

The sound of the bedroom doors closing was quiet and steady, but it was terrifying.

Alfonso took Ariadne in his arms and held her by both shoulders. He gripped her tightly and looked into her eyes.

“I can’t afford to give the option, ‘If you don’t like it, tell me now.’

Alfonso had a different expression on his face than usual, although his voice was softer and his demeanor slow, he did not lack composure.

His face was like a blue flame. He was young and angry.

He placed his cloak in a corner of the room and threw it away. The sound of shoulder armor breaking could also be heard.

Ariadne stepped forward while he took a step back.

Alfonso also took off the four points he had on. The decorative laces tightly woven to cover his hem broke and Alfonso’s entire outfit fell to the floor.


Ariadne used her name in a meaningless way. He now wore only a white shirt and no pants.

Alfonso moved closer to Ariadne. Ariadne tried to take another step back, but she fell. It was a bed

The fluffy duvets lie between the white bedspreads and fluffy duvets
She looked at him.

Im the queen in this life spoilers

“Alfonso, I…”

His kiss clouds her words.

Although less urgent than the previous one, it was still very urgent. Alfonso put all his weight on her.

The weight was too much for the soft bed and she sank into her skin.

His long, thick hands reached her waist. He wasn’t interested in stool-shaped daggers.

He solves every button that keeps the Stumpkers from bottom to top.

“Uh uh uh.

I had a hard time breathing because of the tight and deep kisses. She lifted her chest and sighed.

Alfonso had also unbuttoned the top button of his stump pucker. Ariadne found freedom for her coveted torso.



Ariadne took a deep breath while Alfonso screamed briefly.

The man’s white eyes sparkled brilliantly. During this brief pause, Alfonso was held by Ariadne and she begged.

“Alfonso Naridfull, even leading.”
*Names of contraceptive herbs

Reed is said to prevent pregnancy when rubbed. Open trading was legal but easy to obtain.

It has been a popular choice since its inception when it was legal but readily available.


He placed his lips on her neck and buried them. She moaned and twisted her upper body.

It’s called a lead pool. sounds nonsense.

Alfonso wanted to bind Ariadne forever today. He was by his side.

“Shhh. Not nice.”

His hand sank somewhere between the layers. Ariadne sank and felt herself burning. It was as intense a feeling as in my previous life.

“Alphonso, Alfonso.”

She prayed. It had been a while since she had rubbed her leg. The skirt was pulled up and the martingale was removed, revealing the white thighs.

She didn’t know what she was asking for. Although I thought I asked him not to, Alfonso would have cried if he had finished hard.

At Ariadne’s request, Alfonso raised his head and bit her finger. His intact right hand was clothed in silk.

I also misunderstood for a moment that even a poor country could pass next to you if it puts on the most biased lens and looks good

It was hard to know where to start or how to explain it. It was miserable.

“I’m a dirty, imperfect woman…mentally and physically…I don’t deserve this…”

He should have kept his knighthood. He deserved loyalty, not love.

She stood on her feet, covered her left hand with her right, and cried incessantly, with ebony hair and pure white skin.

Alfonso seemed deadened by his silence.

Alfonso suddenly took off his white shirt after staring at her without saying a word for so long.

His excited inner abs vibrate with the movements of his upper body. Ariadne was also attracted to another aspect of her body.

“Alfonso is that…?”

The prince’s stomach was covered with terrible scars that resembled a huge snake.

The wound, believed to have been caused by a knife to the abdomen, started just below his navel and extended around his side.

Im the queen in this life spoilers

It reached up to the thigh. Alfonso sat down and asked.

“Am I dirty?”

Ariadne screamed.

“No never…”

He grabbed her left arm and pulled it onto her stomach. He placed his right hand, red as a woman’s blood, on the man’s chest. Then it was picked up and crushed.

“I’m the same.”

He guided Ariadne’s hands along the scarred path. This scar was caused by the Allies hiding in the Yessak barracks during the war.

Prince Alfonso was the killer. He was also a member of the Landen von Aachenbach.

It was a wound inflicted by an ally in hiding. As Prince Alfonso’s men lost more balls to the Count of Achenbach (the murderous man), it seemed that the Count of Achenbach was trying to kill and destroy the Prince.

Who the real perpetrators and their intentions were were never known. But as you can see, he was an official of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg.

This was because Alfonso could not openly protest against the Archduke, who at that time depended on him for everything.

Alfonso, who was sleeping next to the prince, raised his longsword and plunged it into his stomach.

Alfonso, who woke up at the last minute, quickly rolled onto his side and saved his own life.

Lord Elko, who was sleeping next to the prince in his barracks, jumped up and shot the assassin with just one arm.

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