Tech evn – latest

Tech evn – latest

The “Tech Evn – Latest” concept reflects the ever-changing and dynamic nature of the technology industry amid rapid technological growth. “Tech Evn – Latest” describes the latest technology and exciting developments in the technology sector.

The EVN company aims to complete the digital transformation by the end of this year and achieve full digitization by 2025. EVN’s goal is to improve the safety, stability, and customer service of its power system through automated production.

Through the successful implementation of the 2021-2022 digital goals, EVN has already gained greater efficiency and transparency.

EVN plans to complete its digital transformation by the end of this year and aims to become a digital enterprise by 2025. Electricity Vietnam (EVN) was recognized as one of the “Top Industry 4.0 Companies”. EVN Report talked about SADA’s activities in Armenia and the creation of a new cloud infrastructure.

The purpose of the EVN report is to empower Armenia, motivate the diaspora, and educate the world. EVN plans to further develop three of its automated products as “Make in Vietnam” products as part of its contribution to the government’s national digital transformation program by 2025 and aiming for 2030.

Electricity Vietnam (EVN) is at the forefront of national digital transformation

Electricity Vietnam (EVN) is at the forefront of national digital transformation initiatives.. Vietnam” movement. This commitment is part of EVN’s efforts to embrace the fourth industrial revolution and improve the efficiency of its operations.

Electricity Vietnam (EVN) is at the forefront of national digital transformation Tech evn – latest.

EVN’s contribution to the “Make in Vietnam” and “Make by EVN” products.
Internal product development
As part of the “Make by EVN” initiative, EVN has developed six key products. These products include a three-phase electricity meter, an EVN electric vehicle charger, and the Central Power Corporation (CPC) Intelligent Remote Fault Indicator (SRFI) and FDS (Fault Diagnostic Program). Other technological developments include:

The Error Management System (OMS).

Tech evn - latest

Software for remote data collection EVNHES.
The digitization project for freight shipping.
Program implementation
The “Make by EVN” program was launched last year to produce ten “Make by EVN” and three “Make in Vietnam” products by 2025. This plan is in line with EVN’s digital transformation roadmap, accelerating digital adoption and creating significant value.

Digital transformation goals and automation efforts
Digital Transformation to 2025
By the end of the year, EVN aims for a complete digital transformation, to become a digital company in 2025. The integration of automation in production aims to improve the stability, safety, and service quality of the power system.

Automation solutions and innovations

EVN is proactively engaged in implementing innovative automation solutions. This includes the use of SCADA/EMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Energy Management System) for remote control and the use of unmanned substations. Automation has significantly improved EVN’s operations, renovation, maintenance, and repair processes.

Future Roadmap: Striving for Excellence in 2030 and Beyond
Digital business transformation to 2025
By 2025, EVN wants to develop into a full-fledged digital company that uses innovative network technologies and develops an advanced load distribution system.

Unscrewed operation and remote control

With clear milestones, EVN wants to operate all 110 kV systems remotely and unmanned by 2025 and all 220 kV systems by 2030.

Innovation and research

By 2030, EVN wants to build its own science and technology institution with modern laboratory facilities. These efforts are consistent with the broader goal of achieving advanced levels of electricity research comparable to other regional developing countries.

Improve customer service

EVN’s commitment extends to improving the quality of electricity distribution and customer service. The company’s goal is to modernize and professionalize its operations to be one of the top three ASEAN member countries in terms of customer service.

Tech evn - latest

EVN’s ambitious path toward becoming a strong and sustainable economic force in 2030
The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Corporation is working hard to become a resilient, sustainable, and efficient economic powerhouse by 2030.

EVN’s ambitious path toward becoming a strong and sustainable economic force in 2030

Paving the way to financial excellence

In line with its development strategy until 2030 and its visionary perspective until 2045, which was approved by the Prime Minister on April 1, 2021, EVN has set ambitious goals.

The primary objective is to achieve consistent and profitable annual production and operating results. The company’s purpose is to maintain and increase the state capital invested in EVN and its subsidiaries. The goal is to keep the debt ratio below 3 and at the same time ensure a share of internal investments of more than 30%.

Amplify power and redefine efficiency

EVN remains true to its central role as a source of strength for economic expansion and social activities. The company is committed to reducing power losses and strives to meet the standards of advanced countries in the ASEAN region.

In addition, EVN is aware of the importance of leveraging the advances of the fourth industrial revolution. The company is on track to transform into a digital enterprise by 2025, establish an advanced load-balancing system, and implement intelligent network technology on a large scale.

A notable milestone is the goal of achieving remote and unmanned control of all 110 kV stations by 2025 and all 220 kV stations by 2030. By 2030, EVN wants to build a cutting-edge science and technology institute with up to two laboratories, paving the way for cutting-edge research in the electricity field.

Improved quality and excellent service

A central focus of EVN’s efforts is to improve the quality of energy distribution and customer service. The company is committed to modernizing and professionalizing its operations to be among the top three ASEAN member states in customer service by 2025 and maintaining to 2045, EVN’s strategic investments in energy resources and networks will follow carefully planned guidelines to ensure efficiency, quality, and progress.

Tech evn - latest

The approach emphasizes synchronization and rationality in production, transmission, distribution, and operation.

This framework enables EVN to seamlessly integrate sustainable energy sources at scale. At the same time, the company strives to integrate advanced technology to improve safety, reliability, and environmental protection.

The evaluation and possible improvement of the technology in existing coal-fired power plants to meet environmental protection standards underlines EVN’s commitment to sustainability.

Committed to a sustainable energy future
EVN’s tireless commitment to the safe, reliable, and fair operation of the electricity system is in line with Vietnamese electricity market regulations.

The company strives to maintain reasonable production and purchasing costs and thereby promote sustainable market development. State preservation and growth.

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