What Is IntrepidFood.eu? Everything You Need To Know

What Is IntrepidFood.eu? Everything You Need To Know

Subscription food delivery services have become increasingly popular over the past decade. What started as a niche market limited to a few players has turned into a crowded market with new brands emerging all the time. Most food delivery brands tend to focus their offerings on similar mainstream tastes and lifestyles. IntrepidFood.eu is a refreshing exception, aimed specifically at adventure and outdoor enthusiasts. high-altitude mountain climbs, long, strenuous hikes, and other demanding outdoor activities.

As travelers, hikers, backpackers, and other adventurers know, finding healthy, balanced, and delicious meals that fit a robust on-the-go lifestyle can be difficult.
What exactly does this adventurous food delivery service offer? Who is it best for? And why should you choose this over other options on the market? This comprehensive guide to “What is IntrepidFood.eu?” Everything you need to know answers all these questions and more. We offer a detailed insight into:

IntrepidFood.eu is a Berlin-based subscription food delivery service that launched in 2022 and specifically targets travelers, hikers, backpackers, mountaineers, and outdoor and adventure enthusiasts

The brand is the brainchild of enthusiastic nature lover Marco Jäger and chef Clara Ostberg, who met while hiking in Nepal. They discovered a shared frustration with the boring protein bars and dried noodles commonly consumed during outdoor adventures. Together, they envisioned a food delivery service that would allow people to have off-the-beaten-path adventures without having to worry about food.

“We created IntrepidFood.eu to make life easier for adventurers. Our ready meals take the stress out of meal planning and let you enjoy the joy of discovery with the certainty that you’ll always have a perfectly balanced diet on hand, wherever your journey takes you.” – Marco Jäger & Clara Ostberg, founders

With IntrepidFood.eu, adventurers can receive weekly chef-made meals optimized for outdoor activities. The meals are packaged in durable bags that do not require refrigeration or heating. In the Himalayas.
Customers can choose from flexible plans that can be paused, changed, or canceled at any time. The brand also has an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee. So if you ever get a meal that you don’t want, it will be credited to your account immediately.

Now let’s look at some key factors that make IntrepidFood.eu stand out in the food delivery space.

What makes IntrepidFood.eu different?

These days, there are dozens of meal delivery services to choose from, but most cover the everyday needs of dinner at home and lunch at the office. IntrepidFood.eu is a pioneer in the creation of ready meals that are specially adapted for pioneers and outdoor situations.

Here are some unique aspects that set them apart:

The target group is outdoor enthusiasts
Meal ingredients, recipes, nutritional profiles, and packaging are all tailored for adventurous travelers:

The ingredients are chosen not only for taste but also for durability. You avoid products that deteriorate quickly.
Recipes are designed to be delicious and filling without the need for heating or cooling.
The nutrition is optimized with the right carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to enable intensive outdoor activities.
Packaging is in lightweight, reusable bags instead of plastic containers to reduce waste.
Global kitchen inspiration
IntrepidFood draws culinary inspiration from pioneering mountain cultures on all continents. So expect rich, comforting meals that offer a taste of the world. Some examples of regions they draw inspiration from are:

The Himalayas
Rocky Mountains
Atlas Mountains
No cooling/heating required

Whether you’re trekking through a hot desert or climbing icy mountain peaks, you can enjoy delicious meals wherever your journey takes you!

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Sustainably produced ingredients

Responsible sourcing is a priority for the IntrepidFood team. All ingredients are locally sourced from partners who use ethical farming practices where possible. They also work to reduce packaging waste through recyclable and reusable materials.

Now let’s take a look at the various food delivery packages available…

Meals and packages from IntrepidFood.EU
IntrepidFood offers customers flexibility with subscription options that can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Their plans are priced and structured, taking into account the amount of food needed for typical outdoor trips of 1 to 5 days.

Here is an overview of the different plans:

What Is IntrepidFood.eu? Everything You Need To Know

Plan # of meals/week, price/sample meals per week
Expedition 5 meals: $59 Sherpa stew, red Andean quinoa bowl, Himalayan lentils
Trailblazer 10 Meals $99 Moroccan Chickpea Tagine, Inkali Potato Salad, Tibetan Momo Dumplings
Pathfinder 15 Meals $129 Lebanese Mountain Wrap, Quechua Quinoa Soup, Swiss Birch Muesli
Custom Flex Custom Varies Choose your meals or quantities
Some benefits that all packages come with are:

No weekly minimum order quantity
Possibility to skip/pause weeks
Reusable kitchen utensils are available
Satisfaction guaranteed
The Custom Flex plan offers ultimate customization for picky eaters. You can choose meals from the global menu in the quantities you want.

How do some of the dishes on offer taste? Here is a snapshot:

Description of the meal
Andes Red Quinoa Bowl Quinoa, sweet potato, corn, peppers, chickpeas, smoked alpaca, salsa criolla
Sherpa stew Hearty stew with lamb, potatoes, mushrooms, and Himalayan herbs
Lebanese Mountain Wrap Roasted eggplant, hummus, feta cheese, and za’atar in a flatbread wrap
Swiss Bircher Muesli Oatmeal, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, Spices, Cranberry Blend
Now let’s take a look at how the order process works…

Order at IntrepidFood.eu
Ordering ready-made adventure meals from IntrepidFood.eu is designed to fit seamlessly into the rest of the customer experience.

Here’s an overview of the quick and easy steps:

  1. Select subscription plan

Choose the package you want based on the number of meals needed per delivery. Choose between Expedition, Trailblazer, Pathfinder, or Custom Flex.

  1. Adjust the meals

Every week you can check out the upcoming weekly menus with new international dishes. Choose meals according to your preferences for each delivery.

  1. Schedule delivery

Select the start date and delivery frequency based on your travel plans. Deliveries direct to your door are currently possible in most parts of Europe. More expansion plans coming soon!

  1. Payment

Payment is processed automatically with all major credit cards. Reusable utensils will be added to your first order.

And that’s all! Now look forward to weekly deliveries of chef-prepared, adventurous dishes tailored to your taste.
intrepid food. eu
intrepidfood. eu

Why should you choose IntrepidFood.eu?

Here are the main reasons why IntrepidFood.EU is the perfect adventure partner compared to other food delivery options or if you are trying to plan your diet:


On multi-day outdoor trips, it is extremely difficult to plan nutritious meals that remain edible and tasty even without refrigeration. IntrepidFood eliminates this hassle with ready-to-eat, chef-designed, adventure-packed meals delivered right to your door.

“We used to waste so much time planning meals every time we went on a hike. Now we can easily customize our weekly IntrepidFood order based on the region we want to explore. It’s delicious food and the perfect fuel for light towing!” — Sam and Lisa, customers

Multicultural flavors

As the recipes are inspired by the trail cuisines of different continents, you will taste unique flavors from all over the world. It transforms meals into an exploration of new ingredients and spice combinations from Andean, Himalayan, and Alpine food traditions that will delight your taste buds.

Performance Nutrition

Standard meals are not designed to withstand high-altitude mountain climbs, long, strenuous hikes, and other demanding outdoor activities.

IntrepidFood.eu is designed for convenience without compromising on nutrition, taste, or sustainability. These features make it the perfect meal plan for outdoor enthusiasts across the board.

Who is IntrepidFood.eu good for?

IntrepidFood.eu is an ideal meal delivery subscription for:

Adventurous travelers

From backpackers to expedition travelers, IntrepidFood frees travelers from the worries of cooking. Enjoy good nutrition regardless of access to kitchen utensils and limitations in the local kitchen. Spend the evenings around the campfire instead of the stove!

. Having our weekly IntrepidFood supplies on the go has made it much easier to plan without missing out on great high-calorie meals.” — Lukas D, customer

Hikers and hiking groups

Finding the perfect high-calorie hiking food that doesn’t spoil quickly can be tedious when grocery stores only focus on basic nutrition. IntrepidFood’s mouth-watering meals, tailored to your group size, take this pain away.

Lone Mountaineer

When you go on climbing and mountain tours alone, it is impossible to take perishable ingredients with you, while dehydrated food quickly becomes boring. Delivering delicious IntrepidFood meal bags to base camp means one less planning effort.

Overland Adventure Travel Company

When you lead cross-country tours, it can be challenging to provide customers with good food day after day while you’re on the road. IntrepidFood enables tour operators to deliver wholesale meals across Europe and will soon expand globally.

In conclusion, IntrepidFood.eu is ideal for all rough souls who want to explore the corners of the world without having to worry about one less thing: food! Their globally inspired dishes take your adventures to new heights.


IntrepidFood.eu brings a truly new addition to the food delivery space with ready-to-eat, chef-prepared meals for outdoor adventurers. Eliminates the need to deal with boring protein bars or unstable homemade dehydrated food while exploring off-grid regions.

As explained in this guide, key highlights include:

Weekly deliveries of globally inspired, track-optimized meals
No cooling/heating is required, bag perfect for outdoor activities
Nutrients and ingredients specially adapted for high-intensity physical activities
Environmentally friendly methods such as reusable bags
Kitchens inspired by routes across different continents and offer unique flavors
Whether you’re a weekend camper, solo mountaineer, or expedition team leader, IntrepidFood has what you’re looking for. They simplify nutrition so you can focus your energy on pushing the limits of your outdoor activities without compromise.

So skip the hassle of meal planning and try what real adventure fuel tastes like! Go to IntrepidFood.eu to start developing delicious food.

Please let me know if you need any changes or have additional topics related to IntrepidFood.eu. If necessary, I can expand this guide with additional details, statistics, examples, and research.

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